• Each student produces a podcast episode that is united with learning from the year in one of the subject areas
  • Each episode has a jingle to start and end.
  • Each episode has an announcer with introduction to the show.
  • Each episode has clear balanced sound of good quality (levels are balanced, background noise is not present or very minimal, if music is used it is balanced, i.e. it does not drown out the voices)
  • Each episode has show notes especially made for the episode. Show notes accompany the audio and add value to the listener's experience, links to topics mentioned, links to acknowledges sources etc. will exceed standards.(Example of a professionally produced podcast episode with shownotes-- MacBreak Weekly 139: Deploy The Ponytail)
  • All text spoken in the podcast must be original.
  • Before you start work on the podcast, you must create the show notes and provide a podcast outline/timeline(bulleted list) and script.
  • Podcast is published: Youth Voices and linked to your Wiki.